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23 maj 2017

The Positive Effects Of Gaming

You often hear quite a bit about how gaming is bad for you. People love to bring up how sitting still alot is bad for your health and how staring at a screen is bad for your
22 maj 2017

How To Become A Proffessional Gamer And More About E-sports

Gaming saw a notable increase in popularity under the early 2000s and now it’s safe to say that gaming is here to stay. Thousands of new games hit the consumer market every single year at the same
21 maj 2017

Online Gaming

Online gaming is a very mainstream thing nowadays and most people that spend time on the internet are also involved in online gaming one way or another. Whether you play an MMORPG like World of Warcraft, a
20 maj 2017

The Biggest Gaming Tournaments

Due to the recent rise in popularity for e-sports more and more tournaments show up every single year meaning that there are quite a bit of big tournaments around. Here you’ll be able to find some information
19 maj 2017

The Biggest Gaming Events

Gamers have a bit of a reputation for being an antisocial group of people. But the fact is that there is little to no truth to this. In fact gamers get some of the biggest events on
18 maj 2017

What Makes Some Games Better Than Others For E-Sports

When it comes to finding a game that is good for e-sports there are a few criteria that need to be met first. The game can’t be so complex that viewers that don’t actively follow the game
17 maj 2017

Why The Most Popular Genre Is Always Changing

If you have been interested in video games under a long time you would have noticed a significant shift in which games are the most popular online games. It was not always as popular with MOBA’s and
16 maj 2017

Competitive Dota 2

While most games that are popular as an e-sport at the moment have a handful of small tournaments under the year and then wrap the competitive season up in a world championship, Dota 2 does things slightly