The Biggest Gaming Tournaments

Due to the recent rise in popularity for e-sports more and more tournaments show up every single year meaning that there are quite a bit of big tournaments around. Here you’ll be able to find some information about the biggest gaming tournaments around the globe.


Dreamhack takes place once Winter_2004_DreamHack_LAN_Partya year in the city of Jönköping in Sweden. A number a big games host a number of tournaments at Dreamhack which makes it a must to attend if you live in Europe and you’re serious about your gaming. What originally started as a big LAN party now sees tons of big tournaments when it’s hosted, in fact the very first world championship for League of Legends took place at Dreamhack. The event takes place in the middle of June every year but is currently expanding to take place in more locations.

The International

The International is the biggest tournament in the game Dota 2 and is where you can see the best players in the game on a big stage. It’s been held in Seattle every year for the past six years and will be held there again this year. Even if you can’t make it there in person you can still catch all of the action online as it is streamed on a number of platforms. For people who aren’t too familiar with the game there is usually a newbie stream availible where everything is explained in a way that is easy for newcomers to understand. The International takes place in August every year,

League of Legends World Championship

Notably one of the biggest events for one individual game is the world championship for League of Legends. While the very first world championship in 2009 was held at Dreamhack in front of a handful of viewers. Nowadays the tournament fills up entire arenas and millions more follow the streams from home. The event takes place in different locations each year and takes place in October each year.